Coalition for One Voice


OneVoice is a coalition of organizations united to form
a collective power that reflects the evolution of
consciousness toward an enlightened society, the
nature and details of which are presently unfolding.
The expanding OneVoice community fosters deep dialogue, 
conscious connecting and illuminating events.
These activities serve the universal passion to 
connect on the level of spirit.


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A History of the Coalition for OneVoice

In the summer of 2006, eleven people, each contributing to different aspects of the consciousness movement, came to the same soul stirring vision: The time was ripe for organizations and individuals committed to conscious evolution to gather together in a vast community to apply their collective power and wisdom for the greater good.

Randomly—or so it seemed—these people began to meet one another in various circumstances. Each was surprised to discover that the other held the same idea and with equal passion. It was as though a cosmic e-mail had come through and the universe was bringing them together to act.

The eleven formed a group and met on a regular basis in New York City to explore possibilities for manifesting their shared vision. This was the birth of The Coalition for OneVoice.

They reached out to local, like-minded leaders by sponsoring intimate gatherings where people sat in a circle in deep dialogue about building community. Everyone brimmed with the passion to connect.

The time came for an official launch of The Coalition for OneVoice. We connected with the Alliance for a New Humanity and its President, Deepak Chopra. He agreed to speak at our first major event titled “Passion to Connect”. It took place on October 15th, 2006, at Spirit New York. Seven hundred and fifty people attended. These are some of the highlights:
Deepak Chopra and Andrew Cohen spoke in dialogue about the meaning of consciousness and the struggle to manifest it. Visionary artist Alex Grey spoke of spiritual community. Rumi poetry was performed. Using World Café Dialogue, people broke into small groups to explore conscious evolution. Soul and jazz artist Fred Johnson performed a rousing piece at the end that perfectly encapsulated the afternoon.

Since then, the Coalition has held gatherings dedicated to conscious connection and deep dialogue. Our infrastructure has expanded with a Co-Creators circle drawn from member organizations. This website, with videos and pertinent information, has been launched. We are exploring other forms of communication and connection as well.

We look forward to a long and dynamic presence in New York serving the evolution of consciousness toward an enlightened society. The cosmic e-mail is still circulating. If you got it, contact us at [email protected]

See video of Deepak Chopra and Andrew Cohen dialogue:

"Passion to Connect” - October 15, 2006 - Dialogue regarding Conscious Evolution with Deepak Chopra and Andrew Cohen. Visit Escorts Chile Website 

The Coalition for OneVoice mandala logo is drawn from a grouping of butterflies. Dr. Kurt Johnson of the Steering Committee is a world renowned expert on butterflies, and the blue and black species in the logo, (about 2" in wing expanse), was discovered by him from the coastal Brazilian rain forest. He named it Strymon alexandra, and its common name is Alexandra's Hairstreak.

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